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From: Karen Bonanno

Every so often I come across gems that I can adapt to the education sector.  The Midas Touch hand is one of these magic moments of discovery.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki in their book, The Midas Touch: why some entrepreneurs get rich and why most don’t (2011) state, “The five fingers represent the five key factors every entrepreneur dreaming of success must master…The Midas Touch hand is the ideal metaphor to represent the attributes critical to entrepreneurial success.  Master every finger, and you’ll discover the magic of why some entrepreneurs are wildly successful, and why most are not” (2011, p. 3).

The thumb stands for strength of character.
The index finger stands for focus.
The middle finger is all about brand.
The ring finger is about relationships.
The little finger is about the little things.

Here is my adaptation on this five finger plan to success.

The thumb – As an educator you need to establish pre-eminence.  This is the “you” who shows up before you actually show up.  Think about how you could use social networking or Web 2 tools to do this.  Also, as an educator you need to establish emotional intelligence.

The index finger – F.O.C.U.S. – Follow one course until successful. How often do you dip into many activities with the belief that they all need to be happening?  Have you measured the success or effectiveness of each activity?  How connected is the activity to the school’s vision?

The middle finger – Teacher standards.  These can be the standards at a national level or standards specifically associated with your profession.  They could also be the standards that your employer sets within your state or education system. Who are you and what do you stand for? Are you who you say you are?

The ring finger – The crucial relationships can be with teachers and/or students.  Whoever the relationship is with, you need to make sure your conversations are meaningful, relevant and add value.

The little finger – What little things do you do that make a difference to student learning? What do you do that others don’t?  What is your elevator pitch?  Remember, it has to be all about them and not about you.

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